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Procima Experts Strengthens Its Position in Big Data

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Now creating a Big Data practice and partnering with Cloudera

MONTREAL, QUEBEC–(Marketwired – May 21, 2014) – Procima Experts, a leading business intelligence, data management and predictive analytics consulting firm, is consolidating its position in the Big Data field to meet the needs of this growing market. With business opportunities multiplying, Procima Experts is focusing its strengths and resources on the creation of a Big Data business practice, which will be led by Jean-François Pilon, Partner and Co-founder of Procima Experts. As an expert integrator of Hadoop technology, a leading open source software for deploying applications like Big Data, Procima Experts has also partnered with Cloudera, a leader in Hadoop deployment based in Palo Alto, California.

In addition to consolidating its position in Big Data, Procima Experts is also structuring its offer in order to maintain its ongoing commitment of helping clients get started and quickly reap the benefits.

Procima Experts’ expertise, experience and structured approach in data management enable it to meet real business needs, at a time when organizations are looking to take advantage of Big Data to enhance their performance. “By focusing our strengths in this sector and joining forces with the best in the industry, we are equipping ourselves to continue offering high-quality support,” said Jean-François Pilon, Partner, Co-founder and Head of the Big Data practice at Procima Experts.

About Procima Experts

Procima Experts is a business intelligence, data management and predictive analytics consulting firm that provides expertise and best practices in those areas to help clients achieve their business goals. Founded in 2010 by three experienced specialists, Procima Experts today employs more than 40 consultants to carry out critical projects for its clients. In its first two years, the company grew by nearly 500%. For more information, visit:


Jessie-Kim Malo
Simard Hamel Communications
514-287-9811, ext. 25
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BI Adoption, BI in the cloud, BICC 3.0, Hadoop & data lake and more…

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We write a lot but often in French. We will translate all this, promised, but in the meantime, here are links to what we wrote, on the French side of the site, that could be of interest. Let’s hope Google translate keeps it together.

First, the link to the French Blog List, always better if you can read French.

Here is each article through Google Translate. Some of the translation is a bit funny.

Bring Your Own BI (BYOBI) | Like the term BYOB, we see BYOBI happening: bring your own tool to the data deluge party

HR analytics: reinventing HR | So much BI and analytics can be done easily for this most important of functions

The chief data officer | Even in Montreal, we are starting to see this all-important role

Cloud BI | Quick and cheap deployment, but manage the risks.

BI department 3.0 | Love this one. How can a BI department become this efficient machine that is a true partner of the business?

Big data trends for marketers | How can marketers leverage big data and how do they partner with IT for help?

BI adoption (a TDWI seminar) | BI is a process and is about people, not just technology. ROI is maximized when BI is used!

Hadoop, the data lake and data agility | Here we make sense of all this Hadoop stuff


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Procima présente aux HEC le 14 mars 2014

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Merci de votre accueil et votre participation. — Marc-Eric

Voici la présentation et les liens partagés.

Tweetmap de Map-D

Table périodique des méthodes de visualisation

Livre de Sasha Issenberg, The Victory Lab


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