Agility adapted to business intelligence

Use of an Agile methodology, which is based on the development of projects in segments and in an iterative fashion, allows you to quickly achieve tangible results. In some situations, it can be adapted to the development of business intelligence solutions and can even become the preferred method. Since this is an iterative process, deliverables are produced quickly and can be adjusted throughout the stages of development, not just at the end of the project. The involvement of all project stakeholders is essential—it creates a stronger team since everyone plays a daily role and must interact and share with the other members of the project.
We have carried out many projects following the Agile methodology and have assessed the benefits of this approach. Its flexibility offers a variety of advantages: adjustment of needs in real time, accountability of each team member (everyone is considered an expert and specialist), group cohesion and collaboration, particularly the involvement of client-users at every stage of development and not just at the acceptance test stage.
If you would like to assess the feasibility of using such a development method in your information environment, we can help you work through the process.

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