Democratizing access to data and analytics with BI Self-Service

To accelerate the cycle of innovation, software publishers have focused over the years on offering consumers of data and reports the tools they need to achieve a certain degree of autonomy. The advent of BI Self-Service has enabled users with little or no technical knowledge to independently manage dashboards and personalize reports.

To prevent this autonomy from causing problems related to data quality, distribution and use, BI Self-Service requires the laying down of clear and rigorous governance rules.

EXIA supports the governance rules by providing a specific service offering that covers the development and parameterization of these tools, as well as user training and support.

We conduct a thorough analysis of your information environment to determine the BI Self-Service options available to you and identify which are best suited to your business reality.

EXIA has successfully carried out many projects in various business sectors, for both large and small businesses.

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