Our strategic experts were the pioneers in business intelligence in Montreal and have been working in the field for over 20 years. EXIA has the depth, longevity and skills to help clients achieve their business goals by improving their decision-making processes and maximizing the value of their information assets.
For decision-makers struggling to obtain the information needed to make the best decisions, an audit or BI strategy is the best way to take stock of the current situation, define your needs and objectives and create a roadmap to help you achieve them.

Making the proper diagnosis, proposing the right “remedies” and implementing them inevitably leads to operational gains, resulting in a rapid return on investment.
If you are uncertain of the performance of your information assets and would like to structure and capitalize on them, we can help. Contact us.

Putting our methodology at work for you

We use a proprietary methodology based on best practices in business intelligence and our years of experience in the field. The main challenges to business intelligence are organizational and political. The profound changes brought about by the introduction of new methods and information technologies can directly affect company strategies.
Accordingly, we place emphasis on the involvement of our clients’ key people, the development of their expertise and the importance of governing the decision-making process so as to obtain relevant results that are unaffected by purely technical aspects. We set ourselves apart primarily by our:
• Effective change management
• Agile approach, by exploratory prototype, allowing us to rapidly identify the real needs of business units
• Leading-edge expertise in advanced visualization techniques
• Leading-edge expertise in data governance
• Adapted training plan and transfer of expertise

A joint effort—the winning solution

  1. Phase 1 – Initial planning: Project set up, introduction and taking charge by our resources, reading of mandate-related reference material
  2. Phase 2 – Interviews with key client stakeholders
  3. Phase 3 – Revision of information assets
  4. Phase 4 – Analysis and first iteration of document
  5. Phase 5 – Drafting of final document
  6. Phase 6 – Presentation of deliverable

Quality deliverables

We put serious effort into producing quality deliverables that offer solutions aligned with your reality. A typical deliverable includes the following components:
• A directory of available information resources, including an assessment of the format and content
• An overview of the current situation in your decision-making process
• An analysis of the challenges to be faced in the shift toward a higher maturity level of information
• A set of detailed recommendations on an effective decision-making process aligned with the company’s strategic plan
• Identification and prioritization of initiatives to be implemented
• Proposals in line with the technological environment