Video tutorial on modern BI architecture: which scenario applies best to your reality?

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Specialist Architecture BI Modern

Video tutorial explaining more in detail the modern BI architecture through the classic scenario and two other modern ones. Our data architect, Sébastien Notebaert, explains the differences between each of them. You will then be able to better understand which could best apply to your reality.

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BI Modern Architecure Exia

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New date for Power BI workshops in Microsoft offices on March 27, 2019

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Our business intelligence specialists invite you to attend a Power BI/DIAD (Dashboard in a Day) workshop taking place at Microsoft’s offices in Montreal. Power BI is an analytics tool that enables businesses to mine their data more easily and intuitively. Organizations store a wealth of information, and decision-makers are often faced with the considerable challenge of deriving conclusions from it to make sound business decisions that will ensure optimal results.

Power BI DIAD MicrosoftEXIA has been mandated to lead this one-day informational workshop touching on all Power BI functionalities. The goal of the activity is to help you understand how to analyze your data efficiently to make decision-making easier. If you would like to assess just how well this tool can meet your data visualization and analysis needs, this training session is for you. Participating business representatives are invited to bring their data (in CSV or Excel format) since the last two hours of the day will be devoted to practical exercises focused on creating reports and dashboards.Dashboard Strategic Business DataThe Power BI tool offers multiple possibilities, allowing you to monitor the health of your business through interactive reports and dashboards. In the current economic environment, businesses need to make informed strategic decisions—because these decisions are crucial and always carry a major financial burden that businesses cannot ignore. This solution has proven results and can help you to be more efficient while maximizing productivity in your organization.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have learned how to:

  • Access data from various sources with the aim of importing or transforming them.
  • Define administrative rules and key performance indicators.
  • Explore data using visualization tools.
  • Create reports that summarize all the data.
  • Share dashboards with various members of their team.

Next workshop is planned for March 27, 2019 and all the registrations details are available in the table below. The training sessions will take place in Microsoft’s offices in Montreal (2000 McGill College Avenue, Suite 550). Follow us on our blog to learn about upcoming dates. EXIA is very proud of its association with software giant Microsoft.

*Please note that all workshops will be in French.

Training datesLocationRegistrations
March 27, 2019Microsoft Montreal (9 Am -5 Pm)Registrations march training
February 19, 2019Microsoft Montreal (9 Am -5 Pm)Complete group
January 29, 2019Microsoft Montreal (9 Am -5 Pm)Training completed

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Photos of the Power BI training session held on January 29 in Microsoft’s offices

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Worhshop Power BI Montreal

Here are a few photos of the Power BI training session that took place on January 29 in Microsoft’s offices in Montreal. Our business intelligence specialists had the opportunity to convey their passion and technical knowledge to some 40 participants in the business world wishing to hone their skills with the Power BI tool.

These training sessions comprise both theoretical and hands-on components, allowing participants to develop their skills by working on actual cases with data specific to their company. Given the technical aspect of the Power BI tool, a one-on-one support service is also offered during our workshops so as to personalize the training and adapt the support and training to each participant’s level.

Workshop Power BI Training Microsoft

Power BI is an extremely powerful, industry-recognized tool that is first and foremost a data visualization tool designed to facilitate decision-making for business leaders.

Training Business Intelligence Montreal

Workshops are planned for February and March 2019 and other dates will also be confirmed shortly. For more information on our upcoming workshops in Microsoft’s offices in Montreal, click on Power BI.

Microsoft Montreal Canada

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Advantages of hosting your business data in the cloud

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The problems surrounding business data storage are not new and have always been a major challenge for IT managers. For several decades, decision-makers had to purchase physical equipment and software in order to store and manage all their data in their own data centre. But now constantly evolving technology has enabled us to set aside traditional methods in favour of cloud computing. The benefits to this new approach are many, as are the reasons for which businesses should consider hosting their data using cloud technology.

Cloud Benefits Efficient TechnologyUnder the traditional approach, business data storage very often entailed the creation of a data centre that was costly in terms of material and human resources. Budgets were mostly allocated to storage resources and data maintenance, leaving little money for investing in innovation. This situation also lacked /flexibility in the implementation of new business solutions. It thus became harder to properly meet real and constantly changing needs.

In the early 2000’s, innovative businesses began offering so-called cloud computing services by renting storage space via powerful external servers managed entirely by the provider through a turnkey-like offer. Data hosting in virtual spaces offers many advantages, including improved cost control through a billing model aligned with actual consumption, significant savings, simplified management and much more flexibility when your needs change. Cloud computing also enables a more efficient allocation of resources to meet business needs instead of using them for systems maintenance. One thing is sure: businesses now have access to storage resources that were previously only available to larger enterprises with deep pockets.

Cloud Computing Enterprise Data StorageAll of these benefits have pushed decision-makers to rethink their entire data storage strategy. The cloud now allows organizations to be even more competitive and effective. Traditional data centre working methods have changed significantly with the appearance of cloud computing—and this reality is here to stay.

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