Éric Bélanger

President and founder

Co-founder and partner of EXIA, Mr. Bélanger specializes in the organization and management of information in the business intelligence sector. During his 16 years of experience, he has managed and coordinated the work of infrastructure, business analysis and development teams. He has also defined and implemented an application data quality management system for corporate compliance and proposed and implemented various developmental best practices.

An accomplished, rigorous professional with a solid understanding of business imperatives, Mr. Bélanger has overseen both strategic and tactical projects. His strength lies in his ability to easily bridge an organization’s technologies with its business needs. Mr. Bélanger is an expert at transforming business initiatives into business intelligence projects, helping organizations to make the best use of this approach and reap the benefits. He attributes this valuable expertise to the key positions he has held in various consulting firms, as well as to his entrepreneurial and managerial instinct.

As well as implementing projects for large organizations, Mr. Bélanger leads EXIA, a firm he co-founded in 2010. He also maintains a hands-on involvement and participates in business development.

Mr. Bélanger is passionate about the business intelligence sector. In addition to being a mentor and outstanding communicator, he is highly skilled at making complex ideas accessible. He has a number of IBM, SCRUM Alliance, Oracle and Microsoft certifications.

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Patricia Bonnel

Vice President, Operations

Alain Veillette

Vice President, BI Delivery

Luc Landreville


Luc Landreville has acquired in the past 20 years a strong experience in the information technology sector, mainly in the field of business intelligence. Recognized and respected for his intellectual integrity, he is noted for his high-level technical skills and his sense of work organization. Luc Landreville favors a result-oriented approach aimed at providing business solutions to his clients’ business problems.

In 1996, he cofounded Tech-Olap, a consulting firm specialized in BI. Under his leadership, the number of expert consultants in his company increased from five to fifty in five years. During that period, he established partnerships with IBM, ArborSoftware/Hyperion, Cognos, Brio, Oracle and Comshare. He then became co-founding partner of Larochelle Groupe Conseil, where he worked for more than 3 years. Under his leadership, business intelligence and content management practices grew to a total of 30 consultants within this timeframe. Before founding Larochelle Groupe Conseil, Luc Landreville was vice-president in charge of business intelligence practice in a multinational company which employs 25,000 consultants throughout the world.

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Benoît Girard


Benoit Girard has 20 years experience working for large corporations, in industries such as Financial Services, Banking, Health Care Providers, Telecommunications, and Pharmaceuticals. He specializes in strategic planning, from auditing to governance plans, and in the implementation of BI excellence centers. As a businessman, he was the cofounder of two successful companies: Techolap, a company offering BI consulting services which was acquired by Cognicase/CGI in 2001, and MedCMMS, a startup in medical equipment life cycle management which was acquired by Zoomed in 2005.

Working as an IT architect first, then as a project manager and strategic planner, he was involved in the implementation of many large solutions. Having earned a master degree’s in Mathematics, he has strong analytical skills, with an excellent capacity to communicate. This allows him to help his customers to reach their business goals more efficiently. His experience in the corporate environment, both technical and political, make him an important asset for business units, as well as for IT.

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