Power BI training for all levels

Your company adopted Power BI as a data analysis and visualization tool. Your employees want to learn how to maximize its potential. You’re an analyst and want to hone your skills.

EXIA has developed a flexible training offer that meets different learning needs and levels.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we have the course that will help you progress to the next level and boost your independence.

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Our Power BI training courses are divided into 4 levels so you can benefit from a learning experience suited to your skill level.

Level 1

Requires no prior knowledge. The Power BI Content Consumer is the perfect course for beginners.

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Level 2a

You must have some knowledge of Power BI or have taken Level 1. The course Power BI Content Creator will deepen your knowledge of content creation and its features.

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Level 2b

Intended for individuals who have taken Level 2a, this course is delivered as a guided workshop. It enables you to put into practice the theory taught in previous courses.

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Level 3

Intended primarily for Power BI technical experts, this course shows you how to manage the application.

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What course is best for you?

Can you navigate through reports and dashboards to find the relevant information and conduct analyses?

Are you able to manipulate different types of data files (CSV, XLS, XML, JSON) and convert them?

Are you comfortable using EXCEL vertical search and creating a select script in SQL?

You should take Level 1.

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You should take Level 2.

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You’re ready for Level 3.

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Why choose EXIA?

EXIA’s specialists have expert knowledge of both the Power BI tool and the entire BI solution life cycle.
We have trained over 300 individuals since launching Power BI 2.0.
We are Microsoft Gold Partners in Data Platform and Data Analytics.
EXIA also has Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT).

Our trainers

Mathieu Guevremont

A seasoned businessman, Mathieu is one of the best at interpreting business issues and understanding how the tools can be used to provide an output that is highly interesting in visual terms. He is fascinated by data and all it can reveal. In the workplace, he has always trained coworkers in a fun way. He enjoys sharing his knowledge at workshops and conferences. He is skilled at explaining concepts in layman’s terms by using concrete examples.

Julie Bousquet

Generous of spirit, Julie is an outstanding trainer who enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for databases. She has been described as an excellent teacher who understands the worlds of finance, data and analytics. Dynamic and a good listener, she can easily adapt her training to her audience. She is also skilled at translating the needs of teams into concrete, pragmatic solutions, tailoring them and aligning them with long-term strategies.

Nicolas Agrapart

With a passion for data and over 15 years of experience in business intelligence, Nicolas has worked with the full range of Microsoft tools in this field. He is deeply interested in data processing and has helped many companies implement and use Power BI. His aim is to always go beyond mere observations, proposing solutions that let data speak for themselves visually, and even mine the data with Machine Learning. For over 2 years he has participated in presenting Power BI and Machine Learning labs.

Sébastien Notebaert

Sébastien has been working in data management and enhancement since starting out in the BI world 20 years ago. He has been privileged to witness the revolution in business data processing and takes pleasure in identifying best practices and using them for the benefit of his clients and collaborators. He enjoys participating in and speaking at conferences on data management and analytics. He uses Azure, SQL Server and Power BI on a daily basis. Sébastien is a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Alain Veillette

A veteran of BI, having worked in the field since its beginnings in North America, Alain is a data enthusiast, an entrepreneur and a team player. He co-founded Trilogia Solutions in 1999, which he then sold to EXIA in 2015. He serves as VP of Analytics Solutions Delivery and manages the Microsoft practice. For the past 3 years he has led various Power BI practice labs for Microsoft and helped promote various BI/AI concepts in the Quebec community.


Boost your independence, take control of your data and enhance your business decisions with our Power BI training courses.