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EXIA’s Microsoft practice brings together the best certified experts in Microsoft data and analytics

Our experts

Our specialists have the expertise and knowledge required to ensure the success of your project (architecture, development, visualization, etc.)

Our methods

EXIA’s Microsoft practice has developed its own templates, development frameworks and accelerators in line with best practices

Our accomplishments

Since its creation, EXIA’s Microsoft practice has successfully deployed over 150 solutions for some 100 clients

We fully control every stage of the data enhancement cycle

As experts in Microsoft tools and industry best practices, EXIA’s specialists support you throughout your digital transformation

Strategy and governance

Strategy and governance

Ensuring the success of your business intelligence initiatives.

  • BI roadmap
  • Analytical strategy
  • Master data management (MDM)
  • Approaches and methodologies
  • Competency Centre
  • Modernization and Cloud Approach (Azure Cloud)
  • Azure Data Catalog

Data integration

Data integration

The right architecture (Azure, On-Premise or Hybrid) ensures the integrity and longevity of your data.

  • Data warehouse/Datamart
  • Data Vault
  • Data Lake
  • Big Data (Hadoop)
  • ODS
  • Multidimensional cube and tabular model

Visualization and self-service

Visualization and self-service

Choosing the right tool ensures that relevant data is accessible to optimize decision-making.

  • Paginated and tabular reports
  • Operational or strategic dashboards
  • Performance indicators
  • Advanced and “personalized” visualization
  • Self-service
  • Web, mobile or print platform
  • Semantic layer

Analytics and predictive models

Analytics and predictive models

Analytics tools and methods let you quickly progress from findings to action.

  • Predictive models
  • Machine Learning, R, Python
  • Data preparation and storage
  • Integration into your applications
  • Support from Data Scientists, lines of business and IT
  • Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite

Our offers

In addition to offering strategic support services and turnkey solutions, EXIA has developed service offers for SME, enabling them to take advantage of their data quickly and risk-free

First Critical Metrics (FCM)

First Critical Metrics (FCM) is a comprehensive service that includes the development of a personalized dashboard from a source system comprising 5 key performance indicators and 5 underlying detail reports, giving access to the detailed data of which they are comprised.

BI Master Plan (BIMP)

For decision-makers struggling to obtain the information required to make the best decisions, an audit or BI strategic plan is the best way to take stock of your current situation, define your needs and objectives and create a roadmap to help you achieve them.

First Analytical Models (FAM)

Our First Analytical Models (FAM) is a comprehensive service that includes developing a personalized analytical model based on client data, in order to optimize a business process. The findings of this analysis are presented in a dashboard that contains the results of the model, plus up to 3 key performance indicators and underlying detail reports, giving access to the detailed data of which they are comprised.

PME Ascension – Migrating to the cloud

For IT directors who are wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of migrating to the cloud, EXIA’s PME Ascension is a solution that lets you quickly obtain a portrait of the different migration scenarios, the related costs and savings, as well as the different support options available. Unlike hosting providers whose only goal is to sell storage, PME Ascension offers a complete analysis of the costs associated with operating an IT asset infrastructure.

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