Experts in business intelligence and analytics, right on the island of Montreal

At EXIA, we understand how vital your business intelligence projects are and what you stand to gain from them. Our employees are therefore carefully selected with this in mind. We ensure that their skills, experience and expertise match our high standards and that they adhere to our corporate values. We are committed to building long-term partnerships with our employees, business partners and clients.

Producing quality work that is compliant with best practices is critical. All our experts understand this and apply it on a daily basis with our clients.

We have the expertise you need

Our experts are true consultants. They possess the qualities needed to quickly get up to speed when integrating into a new team.

Whether you need a strategic consultant, project manager, architect, business or functional analyst, or developer, we have the experts you need. To keep up with a constantly evolving industry, we ensure they quickly learn and master the new technologies and methodologies. Every year, we establish a global and individual plan for skills and knowledge development. Most of our collaborators hold certifications in their area of expertise.

Our team of experts consists of:

  • Strategic consultants (BI roadmaps, BI Competency Centre implementations, targeted business issues, etc.)
  • Project managers
  • Solution, business and data architects
  • Business, functional and data analysts
  • Data modelers
  • ETL developers (extract, transform, load)
  • Data visualization and analysis specialists (reports, dashboards, etc.)
  • Experts in cloud strategy and implementation

To ensure your projects are carried out in the best possible conditions, contact EXIA and we will provide you with the expert who is best suited to your needs and best able to help you reach your objectives.

You have needs, we have the right experts for your business intelligence projects.